Brazil is the country with the highest biodiversity and the highest rate of deforestation in the world Fonte: Ministry of the Environment and BBC
The country has the 9th largest economy in the world and is among the 5 most unequal countries Fonte: United Nations
51% of the population over 25 in the country has not completed high school and R $ 241 is the per capita income of the poorest 40% Fonte: IBGE e IPGA
Out of necessity the rate of entrepreneurship in Brazil is 38% ,but 75% of companies die within 3 years due to lack of planning and management Fonte: Sebrae
We believe that sustainable tourism and professional education volunteering are key factors for the social development and empowerment of Brazilian communities.

Como escolher a minha expedição

1 You receive online training to understand Vivalá's volunteering methodology
2 We teach the details of the module that will be applied, take questions and send a facilitator for each expedition.
3 We pass on important information about biodiversity, local culture, important contacts and suggestions of what to pack.

Como funciona o Volunturismo

Qual será minha parte nas expedições com voluntariado?

During the expedition you will be a volunteer in our professional training program: the Vivalá Business University. You will get to know a sustainable reserve in depth, its population, support local businesses by injecting capital through community-based tourism and will volunteer in the development of a small local family business.

In this way, we create truly sustainable tourism, generating more and more freedom and autonomy for the people and organizations supported by our program.

A new way to co-create

We do it together for a more equal Brazil

Our methodology

Vivalá Business University

The objective is to help define the business or community business idea in relation to what is sold, who is the target audience, what are the key activities, costs and sources of revenue.
The objective is to deepen the strategic financial vision, introduce simple and important financial management routines and results monitoring.
The goal is to go deeper into marketing concepts by building persona, main message, tone and communication approaches.
The objective is to introduce good sales practices and techniques by segmenting the process into attraction, conversion, relationship and analysis of sales made.
The objective is to explain the strength of social media, the different channels appropriate for the desired target audience, the frequency with which to post and the best construction tips for these posts.
The goal is to build a relationship strategy for each target audience, whether customers, employees, suppliers, media, government agencies, among others.
The objective is to comprehensively understand what sustainability is and to apply these concepts in individual and collective actions focusing on environmental, social and financial issues of the community and its family buisnesses.
The objective is to go deep into the dreams and ambitions of community entrepreneurs, helping to identify their strengths, points to be developed, life balance and exercises for continuous personal development.
The objective is to carry out the first detailed annual planning of community businesses, assisting in the strategic and broader development of the initiative. At the end of this module, the community entrepreneur will be trained in our methodology and will start the cycle of learning and continuous review of themes again.
After the training cycle, community entrepreneurs will choose up to three people to join a Vivalá nominee to be part of their advisory board, monitoring the development of their organization, holding quarterly results meetings and helping in their development and generating a positive impact
Learning through experience
Focus on human beings
Active listening and mindfulness
Face-to-face mentoring
Free quality education for Brazilian communities