Amazon Shanenawa New Year (8 days)

December 2023 26 de December de 2023 to 2 de January de 2024
The Blue Bird people In the course of 8 days we offer an in-depth experience that combines the grandeur of the largest rainforest on the planet with the rich cultural heritage of the indigenous people of the Amazon.
About the Expedition
What's included

2 nights in a Rio Branco hotel;
5 nights in Shanenawá village (bring your own tent or hammock).

Internal tranport from the hotel in Rio Branco until the return to the same hotel at the end of the expedition.

Breakfasts from the 2º to the 8º day;
All lunches and dinners in the Shanenawá village;

Dinner and music ao redor da fogueira com roda de conversa;
Bathing  in the dam and streams;
Traditional body painting workshop;
Traditional Shanenawa celebration;
Herbal Ritual to cleanse the energies;
Dances and chanting of Shanenawa culture;
Jungle Trekking with local flora teachingsl;
Traditional clay bath rituala;
Straw weaving workshop;
Storytelling by the elders of the Shanenawa people;
Gardening and harvesting in the Shanenawa gardens;
Traditional games of the Shanenawa culture;
Introductory lesson on the Pano language;
Oral lessons and information on traditional medicines;
Ceremony with traditional medicines.



Vivalá facilitation team present during the whole itnerary.


Amazon Shanenawa New Year (8 days)

26 de December de 2023 a 2 de January de 2024

Departing from Rio Branco
Form of payment
Total price per person



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R$ 6.000



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